Membership Application

Serving Membership: If you are currently enlisted serving personnel in HM Armed Forces you are already welcome as a Serving Member of The Union Jack Club. To fully utilise Club facilities and to receive the latest offers and a personalised membership card, that can be used as a room key, please select this option and complete the form. Spouse/Partners may also enjoy all the access and booking benefits of free Club membership, you simply need to add their details to your own.

Veteran Membership: Select this option if you are a former serving enlisted member of HM Armed Forces, who has served a minimum of two years in, and left at, a Non Commissioned Rank. Please note that service leavers receive two years free veteran membership from the date of leaving, if this applies to you it will be automatically calculated on your application form.

Please select the type of membership which applies to you:

Existing members wishing to add a Spouse/Partner can do so by visiting Your Account in the members’ area of this website. Alternatively, contact the Membership Co-ordinator on 0207 902 6049 or email